IDM are approved NSTS, LOLER & PUWER examiners.

IDM Services are Cornwall’s leading testers of crop sprayers, fertiliser spreaders, pellet applicators and chemical powder applicators . We’re an accredited NSTS test centre, are approved by LOLER & PUWER. We have a wealth of experience in repairs & servicing for all main brands.

For crop sprayers we guarantee that either your kit passes, or we won’t charge you a penny. (If the cost of achieving a pass exceeds the value of your sprayer, we’ll tell you and won’t charge for the examination if you decide not to proceed.) The NSTS recommend that your crop sprayer equipment is tested every year.

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Why get tested regularly?

The cost of worn or damaged nozzles alone, by delivering only 5% above the recommended rate, can be equal to £6.25 per hectare in a crop of winter wheat. This has been calculated as a loss in yield and/or quality at harvest.

Regular testing:

  • Ensures maximum sprayer efficiency
  • Confirms accurate chemical application
  • Reduces costly downtime
  • Satisfies crop assurance & retail protocols

Get in touch, and we can send you the full NSTS test criteria. You can then see what the test involves and how you can keep repairs to a minimum with some simple regular checks.

Granular Applicator Testing

To complement our sprayer testing service, we now offer granular applicator testing to ensure your slug pellet applicators and all other granular applicators are compliant, and working efficiently. This service is governed under the same body as the NSTS.

Pass the test, or pay nothing – guaranteed.

Book a test now, or check the criteria
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