Vicon Balers & Combi-Balers

Revolutionise your baling & wrapping with FastBale

Vicon have been clearing up at awards ceremonies in recent years, as a string of ever-more innovative balers and wrappers just keep rolling off their production line. All their models produce high-density bales in wet or dry crops, and are designed to get rid of any material causing blockage at the flick of a switch.

The FastBale

FastBale is undoubtedly one of the biggest developments in agricultural machinery of recent years. It’s the world’s only non-stop round baler, let alone baler-wrapper combination. By producing two bales simultaneously, it smashes idle time, saving you from 15-18 seconds for every bale you make.

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RV 5216-5220

Variable chamber baler

High performance variable chamber baler, featuring the patented PowerBind net and twine wrapping, and Intelligent Density 3D software package for easily programmable ’multi chamber’ bale density options. Intelligent baling with a choice of intake system, and user friendly ISOBUS compatible controls.

  • Bale diameters from 0.6m up to 1.65m & 2.00m respectively
  • PowerBind with direct net injection for fast and highly reliable netting
  • Clean raking 2.2m 5 tine bar pick-up
  • PowerFeed rotor intake for impressive intake capacity
  • SuperCut-14 and 25 knife rotors for efficient cutting and tight bales
  • DropFloor for easy unblocking
  • 3 different core densities, pre-selectable from the tractor cab
  • Easy and simple loading of net roll

RF 4325

Fixed chamber baler

The Vicon RF 4325 full roller fixed chamber baler is designed for intensive professional use, & has been developed to perform well in heavy silage conditions. The bale chamber design with 17 ribbed rollers ensures consistently high-density bale formation in all conditions.

  • 2.2m pick-up with small diameter pick-up reel with 5 rows of tines
  • Bale diameter 1.2m x 1.25m
  • PowerFeed rotor intake, 14 or 25 knife cutting device
  • Parallelogram DropFloor for easy unblocking
  • Fixed chamber with 17 ribbed rollers for high density bales
  • PowerBind twine and net wrapping systems
  • New simple and intuitive control with the Focus 3 terminal

RV Flexiwrap

Variable chamber baler/wrapper

Produces bales of 1.2m in width, with a variable diameter of 0.6m-1.65m/0.6m-2m, depending on model. SuperCut 12 and SuperCut 25 options available. High speed wrapping will finish before the next bale is ready, for fast & efficient integrated baling.

  • Integrated solution for baling and wrapping in one go
  • PowerBind with direct net injection for fast & highly reliable netting
  • Bale is dropped directly onto wrapping table, at tailgate of baler
  • High speed wrapping with two pre-stretchers means wrapping process will always finish before the next bale is ready.
  • Low table height for gentle unloading of bales. Optional bale on end kit available
  • The extra film rolls are lowered hydraulically for easy change


Non-stop fixed chamber baler/wrapper

Operating as a pre-chamber, the first section produces two-thirds of the bale. As the pre-chamber reaches its preset density, crop flow is diverted into the main bale chamber, finishing one bale while it begins the next. Saves 15-18 seconds for every bale made.

  • No compromise on bale quality
  • New wrapping concept
  • Compact size for easy field access & stress free road transport
  • Fully automatic operation, with animated real time display
  • 800mm intake rotor with 25 knife chopping system
  • 1.26 x 1.27m bale diameter
  • Net or film binding

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