Redrock Trailers

Never see red with one of these behind you

Whether it’s a flatbed, dumper, grain or silage trailer, having a Redrock trailer gives you that bit less to worry about when towing. These guys do heavy duty, and they do it well. Made from pressed steel and fully-welded, these trailers are built to withstand load after load, through all weather conditions. All models are available on either springs or oscillating tandem bogie axles, complete with bronze bushes for longer life.

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2017 REDROCK 200/20

200/20, 20ft 20tn trailer, Hydraulic trail gate, Sprung drawbar, Silage sides, 560/60X22.5 bkt flotation tyres, Air and oil brakes, Complete with air load sensing

Grain/Silage Trailer

Five sizes are available, ranging from 10.5 tonnes to 20 tonnes in capacity, and 13.5 to 24m³ in size. Range of tyres, air or hydraulic brakes, and weighing systems are all available.

Dump Trailer

Hydraulic tail door and unique Redrock weight transfer system make tipping easy and safe. High speed commercial axles, wide bottom, hydraulic/air brakes & load-sensing valve.

Flatbed Trailer

The bogie axles have an off-centre hinge point, which places less weight onto the front wheels, reduces wheel scrub, & facilitates travel in wet conditions. A very smooth tow.

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