Redrock Slurry Tankers

Designed to perform, built to last

Rolled from 6mm high quality steel, and internally and externally welded, Redrock’s tankers are made to last. They come with a huge range of features, both as standard and as optional extras.

Recessed tandem/tri axle

  • 3000, 3500, 4000 and 4500 gallon capacity
  • 13,850 litre/min

Recessed single axle

  • 1800, 2050, 4000 and 4500 gallon capacity
  • 9000, 11000 and 13850 litre/min

Non recessed single axle

  • 1100, 1300 and 1600 gallon capacity
  • 9000 litre/min

Features as standard

  • 4” x 2” channel rings welded inside tank, for extra strength & longer service life
  • Fitted with hose hooks on both sides
  • Jurrop vacuum pumps
  • Spreading and suction controls are operated hydraulically
  • Three sight glasses are fitted to the front of tanks and one at the rear
  • Quick-attach hose fitting
  • Commercial Axles with 420 x 180 hydraulic brakes
  • Drawbars are full length and attached in front of axles to reduce stress on the tank
  • Anti-implosion valves & pressure relief valves for safety
  • Wide choice of tyres for road, off-road and hybrid use

Optional extras

  • 100mm sight tube for more accurate reading
  • Self-fill boom with Turbo Filler option – refill from inside the cab
  • Transfer boom system to fill over ditch or hedge from another tanker
  • Free-steering axles follow tractor wheels
  • Dribble bar or trailing shoe systems available, both with Vogel Sang Exa
  • Cut Macerator
  • For sloped terrain – DownHill spreading system to prevent slurry being stuck in tanker, and stepped axle option to reduce overall height and improve stability
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