Redrock Slurry Pumps

Pump slurry at up to 4750 gallons a minute

The Redrock slurry pump has gained a reputation for being strong, reliable and virtually maintenance free across the range. To improve mixing performance, the offset nozzle allows the slurry to be mixed in almost all directions. Top fill and mix options are available, with an incremental divider valve for top filling, to enable precise management of the slurry flow, allowing the user to agitate and top fill simultaneously if required. No disconnection of the PTO shaft is required when lowering the pump into the tank.

The three options

While the Standard Flow pump is tried and trusted in getting the job done, the Super Flow offers increased productivity, through speed and reduced power loss, whilst the Mega Flow has been designed for large farms and contractors to move massive volumes of slurry as fast as possible.

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Mega Flow

  • Power requirement: 150hp
  • Flow rate: 4750 gallon/min
  • Size: 6’6” to 10’ with 9” adjustment

Super Flow

  • Power requirement: 100hp
  • Flow rate: 3600 gallon/min
  • Size: 6’6” to 10’ with 9” adjustment

Standard Flow

  • Power requirement: 75hp
  • Flow rate: 3000 gallon/min
  • Size: 6’6” to 10’ with 9” adjustment

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