Redrock Block Cutters

Powerful, durable, & sharp as they come

Designed and built to last. All pin and ram holes are bushed, all knives are bolt-on and easily replaceable. Unique bolt-on serrated blades and stopper points enable ease of service. They are designed to stay sharp and cut through the silage clamp with minimum of effort, leaving a perfect silo face, eliminating secondary fermentation.

The fully hardened Lunde knives are exclusive to Redrock and are forged to take the force of the cutting action throughout their lifetime. They will not bend, and you will not buy a better block cutter. Huge range available from 4ft 6″ to 8ft +. Large opening & TMR options. Find the size that’s right for you in the table below.

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All sizes to fit tractor loaders, telehandlers and loading shovels, Exceptional quality with replaceable bolt-on blades made from tough 50b grade steel.

100 series all round

  • Width 200cm/240cm
  • Max opening 100cm
  • Capacity 1.75m3/2.1m3
  • Unladen weight 1.25t/1.35t
  • 2 rams

85 series all round

  • Width 157cm/180cm/200cm
  • Max opening 85cm
  • Capacity 1.1m3/1.25m3/1.4m3
  • Unladen weight 765kg/865kg/965kg
  • 2 rams

130 series alligator

  • Width 180cm-300cm
  • Max opening 130cm
  • Capacity 2.25m3-3.5m3
  • Unladen weight 1t-1.25t
  • 2 & 3 ram options

100 series telegator

  • Width 180cm/200cm/240cm
  • Max opening 100cm
  • Capacity 1.5m3/1.7m3/2.1m3
  • Unladen weight 700kg/750kg/850kg
  • 2 & 3 ram options

85 Series Alligator

  • Width from 137cm-220cm
  • Max opening 85cm
  • Capacity 0.95m3-1.5m3
  • Unladen weight 480kg-830kg
  • 2 & 3 ram options

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