Maschio Flail Toppers

When the going gets tough, shred it with Maschio

Shred mile after mile of rough vegetation into fine mulch, with the Maschio Flail Topper range. Whilst Maschio are more renowned for their rotavators, they’ve put the 45 years of expertise gained from building those gearboxes and drive lines into creating a range of superbly efficient and robust mowers, that can breeze through even the toughest long grass, crop residues, thick stems and branches.

Find a machine to suit your requirements

Whilst a mechanical and/or hydraulic offset is available on most standard mounted machines, the range also includes fully offset models for verge and ditch mowing, and can be attached easily at both front and rear. There are nine models in all, requiring power from 25-300hp and with working widths from 1m to 6.2m. Talk to us over the phone or call in to our store to see which model would most suit your needs.

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A heavy duty model, like the Bisonte. It’s suitable for cutting grass, crop residues, cornstalks & shredding branches or twigs. It requires 100-200 hp, & can be used as a front or rear mounted machine.

  • 100-200hp
  • 2.5-3.1m working width
  • Front or rear mounted
  • Double front/rear Cat II 3 point hitches
  • Hydraulic Offset
  • 6 spline PTO
  • Single Speed 1000 rpm gearbox with freewheel
  • Double counter blade

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