Battery-Powered Tools, Pro Performance

Cheaper to run, easier to operate, safer to use

Make a day’s work outdoors a walk in the park, with the Husqvarna one-size-fits-all battery range. With 0-80% charge in as little as 35 minutes, fewer working parts to maintain and a more efficient motor – not to mention fuel savings – going electric could save you serious cash in the long term.

They’re lighter, quieter and cause far less vibration than fuel equivalents, so you’ll have an easier day, every day. Reduce the risk of aches or injuries forcing time off work in the future, and boost your green credentials, too – vital for top marks in our industry.


Enjoy quick, quiet work with the powerful new battery motor and 24” double-sided cutter bar. An eco-friendly option for commercial users, with pivoting rear-handle for increased mobility.

  • 36V battery power
  • Knife length 600mm/24”


Trim lawn edges or clear overgrown lawn patches with Husqvarna’s lightweight but well-made strimmer. With instant start and low noise levels, it’s perfect for your garden.

  • 36V battery power
  • Weight without battery 3.1kg

436LiB Battery Blower

Tap the button to start, leave it to run on its cruise control setting, and get to work with this lightweight and quiet blower. Easy work, especially with the boost setting, & cheap to run.

  • 36V battery power
  • Air speed 46m/s
  • Weighs 2.4kg

536Li XP®

A battery-powered alternative to heavy-duty fuel saws, it’s quiet & weighs little in comparison. Perfect for tradesmen including carpenters, contractors & tree care workers.

  • 2.4kg (excl. battery & cutting equipment)
  • Li-ion power savE™ – up to 10 hours runtime with backpack batteries

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