Horsch Pronto Drills

Precise seeding at high speed, for all conditions

As the name suggests, everything about the Pronto has been designed to get you bowling along. With a working speed of 6-12mph, short turning time due to compact design, and low idle time due to the large, easy fill hoppers, Pronto users have reported outputs of up to 200ha a day. The Pronto is well-behaved on the road, with its own braking system, and can be easily adapted for fertilisation and precision planting, making it an ideal choice for contractors.

That’s not to say you’ll be compromising on seed placement. The TurboDisc coulters allows for 6 inches of vertical movement, under pressure of up to 120kg, giving incredibly even results. And like all Horsch’s machinery, precision is designed with efficiency in mind, with Pronto’s power demand starting at 110hp, and rarely peaking above 300hp, even for the very largest models.

Get even germination with the Pronto DC

  • For precise sowing after plough, mulch sowing or direct seed
  • The Pronto DC achieves high speeds while maintaining the exact seed placement with its unique packer. This is due to a very good levelling effect with high clearance. Thus, the forming of waves is effectively prevented
  • Turbo Disc seed coulter with uniformer, for a considerable clogging reduction and exact seed placement
  • Easy handling due to central adjustment of the seedbed-preparation unit and the packer-seed unit
  • Uniform planting depth over the entire field, thanks to predefined depth difference between packer system and coulter
  • PPF system for exact fertilizer-depot placement below the seed rows
  • 3-9 m working width
  • Power demand starting at 80 kW/110 HP
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