Horsch Maestro Single Grain Seed Drills

Agritechina machine of the year for 2012

The Maestro excels in exact grain singling, and you’ll find it ideal for maize, soy, sunflowers, sugarbeet and rapeseed. Due to the design of the machine, the distance between fertilizer and seed always stays the same, resulting in some of the most precise and consistent seeding on the market. Simple displays pinpoint double or missed spots, as well as the variation levels for every single row you’ve done. So even if seedbed quality differs markedly over your fields, you’ll be able to see whether or not that’s effecting the placement of the seed.

The Options

  • The Maestro arrives as two models, the CC and SW, each with their own variations.
  • There’s also the RC, which can be added to your Pronto to turn it into a single grain drill.
  • The compact CC offers 8-12 seed rows, with 70l containers on each unit and a 2800l fertiliser hopper, with power requirement starting at a mere 100hp.
  • The larger, 12-24 row SW carries 2000l seed and 7000l fertiliser, and requires a minimum of 180hp.
  • Both have a working speed from 1-9 mph.
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