Horsch Joker Cultivators

Stubble to ideal seedbed, fast

With rows of narrow coulters to loosen soil, serrated disc blades to mix it and work in stubble or manure, followed by a range of disc packing systems to prepare the seedbed – even turning up moist soil without getting clogged – the Joker is a proven minimum-till practice that’s unlike any other on the market.

It’s a true residue management system, offering a wide range of benefits to trump your existing tandem discs, field cultivators, vertical tillage implements and seedbed preparation tools. In other words, the Joker does it all, and it does it better.

What the Joker will do for you

  • Residue management: the Joker chops residue, then blends material into the soil to speed decomposition and incorporate nutrients.
  • Soil consolidation: The Joker MT and RT Series consolidate the topsoil to create the perfect environment for decomposition and form the ideal seedbed. This helps speed up residue decomposition, prevents erosion, and conserve moisture.
  • If your soil is prone to clogging, try the Joker CT – it’s a straightforward machine with few fixed parts in the working area, and large (52cm diameter) discs to power right through clumps.
  • Fertiliser incorporation: the Joker’s excellent mixing capabilities can be used to incorporate fertiliser and manure into the soil after spreading.
  • Rut/clump control: the mixing and levelling action of the disc blades fills ruts effortlessly. Combined with the excellent clump-crushing ability of the Roll-Flex finishing system, this produces a smooth field finish — no matter how rough it was before.
  • High-speed operation: the 20 inch discs allow it to operate much faster than traditional tillage tools. In fact, it works best at speeds from 8-12 mph, leading to significant fuel and time savings.
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