The Horsch Express KR Drill

Intense seedbed prep on heavy & sticky ground

The Express KR is the first pneumatic Horsch three-point seed drill with an active tillage tool: the integrated rotary harrow Kredo. Even under difficult conditions it allows for an intensive seedbed preparation.

2 packer versions available

The tooth packer roller, with a large diameter of 64cm, is ideal for all conditions. The load carrying capacity is high even on light soils which reduces both horsepower requirement & diesel consumption.

The trapeze ring packer has a diameter of 50cm for a target strip consolidation in front of every seed coulter. It forms a perfect seed furrow even under heavy & sticky conditions.

The Horsch Express KR drill: in detail

  • Kredo rotary harrow has 10 rotating tools on 3m working width
  • Stable design ideal even on stony soils
  • Can be easily equipped with drag or TerraGrip quick-change tines
  • Adjustment of working depth easily accessible from the outside & clearly visible
  • Adjustment of the levelling bar also very easy
  • Up to 15 cm adaptability on the TurboDisc seed coulters, to precisely follow the soil surface. Thus, all grains are placed regularly and exactly at the set depth
  • Four rubber dampers per coulter (no greasing points) transfer a coulter pressure of up to 120 kg and guarantee a smooth coulter control even at high speeds
  • The press wheels carry out an exact depth control of the coulters and guarantee an optimum seed-soil contact. The sowing depth is adjusted hydraulically
  • The TurboDisc seed coulters can be lifted completely hydraulically. Thus the rotary harrow can also work solo
  • Seed unit can be uncoupled easily from the rotary harrow via only 4 fixing points, thus allowing for using the Kredo separately
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